J. Carter Swift:

Ashley Sievwright"Stories of
The Boy With the Yellow Socks
(Sshort stories)

A timely and original achievement, this collection of short stories tells in beautiful prose the early life of Jan Blixen, a boy growing up gay in Iowa. Alive with unforgettable characters that leap from the pages to introduce themselves, each of these stories is a small masterpiece that pulls the reader ever deeper into the life of a boy who refuses to allow abuse and bullying to defeat him. Jan Blixen rises, and as he does the reader will find themselves cheering him on, standing with him against all odds as he uses his greatest gift to survive...his gift of gentleness.

Author J. Carter Swift is delivering a message to us all, a message luminous in its honesty and sincerity, a message unique in its scope and perspective.

Read the sample stories amazon.com so generously provides and know the stories get richer and more involved with each page turned. You won't want this book to end!


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