Jacques Twist:

Ashley SievwrightLADY MAMARAZZ'
"Ain't No Shame Like the Fame Game"

A One-of-a-kind & Provocative Deep-Throat  "Thrilla" Book, where all the characters are gay or bisexual and touching on hot-button issues like "gay marriage" etc...
Take a walk on America's Walk of Fame
With this provocative Gonzo Thriller!
 Take a walk on America's Walk of Shame
With this controversial Deep-Throat Thriller!
If a picture is worth a 1000 words...
Lady MaMaRazz's pictures are worth a million bucks!

But will she sell out?   

Or will she go for broke?
And blow the lid off this whole "Fame Game" charade?

A war correspondent abducted in Iraq...
Returns to the USA after her escape...
And after a long hiatus, tries to make a comeback as an investigative journalist.

But when she fails...
Still hounded by her past...
She conjures up... Team MaMaRazz': 
A Motley Crew of Smart & Sexy Female Paparazzi and 'MaMaGuyz'...
And overall... "Don't-Belongz" & "Don't-Fit-inz".

In ZugZwang...
This "KAVAnated PygoBomb" is about to confront:

- A Stalking Terrorist with a "playah" Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle!

- The modern-day Bloody Lady of Cachtice!

- The "Machia-Villain" with no fingerprints and no DNA!
 - Revengelical Christians in "Christ-sis"!
 - Radical Muslims with "Allah-tosis"!
 - America's Hypochrisykness Monster!

- Hollywood's Rich & BlasFAMOUS 

And the secrets of the HOLYwood Grail !!!
 - The Devil's Advocate!

- The Order of Mammon & The KayFaybe Konspiracy!
 - Unconditional Love... and the sweet dangers of Lust!

Lionized... as an American "AWEriginal" 
And a Cause Célèbre on the SINternet...
Is she 'Angelophanic' enough... 
To fulfill the Prophecy?
With her GBFF... 
And Team MaMaRazz'... 
This Synesthetic SuperShero...
Will get under your skin ,,, 
And send you into a spin ''' 
As she "parkours" her way... 
From the French Riviera... to HO'llywack !!
On her never-ending Quest...

4 'Nothing-but-the-Truth' !!

The End... is the Beginning of Something BIG !!!




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