Kent Gryphon:

Ashley Sievwright"Twisted Harmony"

Meet Shane, an impressionable young man growing up in suburban Sydney, destined to remain the three things he can not stand: a fashion disaster, a nobody, and a virgin.

All this changes as he befriends a group of misfits at Uni, and they all embark on discovering the Sydney gay scene, with all it's fabulous somebodies, great dance music and unique style. His best girlfriend gets engaged to a gay man and becomes a sex worker, and Shane finds himself shining in the spotlight of a life full of drag Queens, drama Queens and drugs. What more could he possible want? With so many four letter words to choose from, he chose the most difficult, love.

Shane finds the love of his life with a beautifully handsome English lad. The two moved to London, his best girlfriend gave up sex work and moved over as well, though she wasn't quite the friend he had in mind. It was here though that the reality of his true love hit him, repeatedly.

So Shane leaves this abusive relationship and returns to Sydney, changes everything he didn't like about himself, including his name, and ended up dancing behind a drag Queen who mimed like a blow-up doll. With one ex-boyfriend still stalking him, and the other using witchcraft and constantly wishing he was dead, Shane eventually comes to terms with himself and becomes the man who would win Mr Gay Sydney.

Set in the 1980' through to the naughties, Twisted Harmony (The Journey of Mr Gay Sydney) is a light hearted story of a young man discovering life, love, and sexual diversity.





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