Roger M. Kean: "Gregory's Story"

Roger M. Kean
(Gregory's Story is a companion book to A Life Apart)

A heavy burden rides the shoulders of young Gregory Hilliard—to discover the fate of a father he never knew. Did the elder Hilliard die with Hicks Pasha’s army at El Obeid in 1883 or did he somehow escape the massacre by fanatic Mahdist Dervishes? And then there’s the puzzle of his name. Is he who he thinks he is?

Raised in Cairo, fluent in native languages, Gregory is pitched into the heat of war. The teenager makes his way by joining General Kitchener’s Nile campaign to retake the Sudan from the Khalifa’s Mahdist armies and he hopes to discover his father’s fate. Two spies—Edward and Richard Rainbow—help in his quest, brothers with their own dark secret. But his greatest support comes from the Ja’alin Zaki, friend, soul-mate, and love of his young life.

In a time when young men are forbidden to love, less so lowly natives, Gregory faces his most difficult battle for personal happiness. Success will bring him and Zaki fulfillment but also unravel a life-enhancing mystery with its roots in far away England… and in the solving of it, one which might yet rip the two lovers apart.

ISBN: 9781490942506

ISBN: 9781301278954

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