EROTICA – Eddie Lee:

The Chosen Eddie Lee: "A Truly Devious Getaway" 

Summer break is coming to an end and Lee decides it is time for a weekend getaway with two friends, both of whom he secretly desires. Each of them told him a secret, and he plans to take advantage of it during their trip. Will his devious mind get him what he desires most or leave him out in the cold with no friends at all.

The Chosen Eddie Lee: "Bound for Prison" 

On any given night you will find Travis on Santa Monica Boulevard. He has been hustling the mean streets of Los Angeles for five years. Each night he heads out to gratify his customers. He takes great pride in his profession and enjoys getting paid to do what he loves.

Friday is pay day for most people and Travis has slept in to ensure a very long and lucrative night. His night starts off with a shy catholic college guy, followed by a closeted business man with a few kinks. After a trick goes wrong, a cop arrives on the scene, and Travis is soon taken by the law in more ways than one.

The Chosen Eddie Lee: "Midnight Storm" 

July 13, 2012 was starting out like any other day for a 21 year old college guy. He was horny as hell and wanted to have sex. When online ads didn’t pan out, he headed to a local park, where a storm was brewing. He remained vigilant and was about to give up when a shadowy figure approached him. It was lust at first sight and he thought it might even be the man of his dreams, until he later learned some eerie facts about the stranger.