Jay Austin: "Hothouse"
Gay Porn Reality TV

Hothouse is a gay reality TV show like nothing you’ve ever seen before.
1 house, 6 hot men, cameras 24/7.

Meet Mick, a gym-pumped stripper, who is straight but not afraid to explore the idea of gay for pay. Watch as twins David and Dean, arguably already famous for their homoerotic calendars, reveal themselves to have a rather unusual sexual telepathy. Get to know Jimmie and Brad as they meet for the first time on-screen and become the star-crossed-lovers of the show. Finally, meet cheeky Tom and his star-spangled dildo.
This novel length edition includes all ten Hothouse Season 1 episodes. Approx: 79,000 words.


Episode 1: Into the Hothouse
Episode 2: Mick and the Bukkake Birthday Boy
Episode 3: The Baum Twins Jerk Each Other Off, But Not In A Gay Way
Episode 4: Tom and the Star-Spangled Dildo
Episode 5: Jimmie and Brad and the Triple-X-Box
Episode 6: Daryl Comes Clean
Episode 7: The Baum Twins and Their Incredible Simultaneous Orgasm
Episode 8: Poolside Deception
Episode 9: Gay For Pay
Episode 10: The Money Shot

All episodes:

Single episodes: