The Chosen Ginger Anne London: "Kain" 
"A fantasy adventure story with a bisexual male protagonist.... a gay romance" (G. A. L.)

Told through the eyes of the villainous prince, Kain. A mischievous young man who knows nothing of love, cursed to be torn from his royal family at a very young age and separated from his twin brother, Abel. He is taken in by the cruel sorcerer, Ariaus who manipulates his mind into jealousy and hate. Abel, blessed by the God of Light, is left to rule his beautiful Kingdom while Kain, blessed by the God of Shadow, grows bitter over time, plotting his own brother's death. His malicious plans lead him on the greatest journey of his life as he discovers his mysterious past and meets a handsome knight named Leo.

Kain finds himself lost through his vast and magical world as he encounters many strange beings, including an old witch, who tells him of a sword he is destined to wield. With it, he can achieve the greatest power and unlock his darkest desires. Kain is left with only one choice but to challenge his most dangerous enemy, himself.

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