Hector Himeros: Bleak Woods (eBook)

In 2012, Neal Lucas found himself waking up in a mysterious forest called Bleak Woods. He remembered facing the Headless Horseman of Norcross. From a wood chopper, Neal learned the specter used to live as a gay man named Charles Carleton in colonial town called Norcross in 1744. He was executed for his "sin" against Christianity. Enraged by the homophobic townsmen, Carleton cursed the town. To stop it, the townsmen hid his severed head. Yet, their action only sealed their doomed fate even further. Neal later faced the headless ghost who demanded him to find the lost head. In search for the missing head, Neal stumbled into a 18th-century-styled town and met a friendly yet mysterious older man: Edward Branson. Could Neal retrieve the missing head? What dark secret lay between Neal and the headless horseman of Norcross, separated by hundreds of years? Who was Edward actually?

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