The Chosen M Kennedy: "Soul Bond 1930: Gavin" 
(A novel)

Soul Bond takes place in a world where everyone is a Submissive or a Dominant and a person’s place in society and in a relationship is based on their dynamic rather than their gender. The Soul Bond mini erotic novels (25,000 words average) explore, through a series of different relationships, the way society changes over the years in this world and the way the rights of Submissives develop.

These stories are set in an alternative fantasy world and are in no way supposed to reflect BDSM relationships in the real world.

1930: Gavin
The Institute has been responsible for matching Dominants and Submissives with their ideal partners for decades, testing people when they turn eighteen and matching them for life. Gavin and Paul are two Submissives who have just received their official matches and are handed over to their new Dominants for life. Gavin finds himself bonded with two Dominants, something he’s never heard of happening before and Paul finds himself matched with Master Hayes, a Dominant who requires a unique brand of Submission…
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