Alexander Herzog: "Breezy hores" (A novel)

WARNING: This novel contains graphic and explicit depictions predominantly of man-on-man sex. It also contains explicit language and some violence.

Breezy hores is a novel of love, hopelessness and hope. Meet Frank Edwards, a retired businessman living in a small beach town in Florida. He is desperately attracted to his best friend and compatriot, the brilliant but sexually-confused Daniel, a handsome and muscular African-American man near Frank's age. Frank and Daniel maintain a strong and loving bond with one another.

But on a brief trip out of town, Frank meets the young and beautiful Alfonso, a twenty-three year-old college student from Colombia. After they spend just a single night together, Alfonso is ready to make a full-out commitment to his elder, Frank.

Frank's comfortable life begins to spiral out of control, slowly self-destructing as he finds himself in and out of love with the two very different men in his life. Yet as his life begins to fall apart, he never loses hope in the world of Breezy hores.


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