Amber Lenore Winckler: "Harvey's Lake"
(A novel)

Harvey's Lake & the Forty Page Poem is the first revealing glimpse into the life of the character known as Louise. Louise is the author's main character in her other novels; The Final Bath, and Into the Hands of Strangers.

Dark and mercurial in essence and form, the story laps languidly over the shore of powerful, angst-filled moments and events. It is emotional, guttural, and yet endearing in its approach of telling the story of a girl's uncertain search for meaning in life. Black, like the turbulence under the still waters of Harvey's Lake, secrets are revealed. Some are released, while others sink into silent obscurity.

The accompanying Forty Page Poem plays an integral role in Louise's life. It is both sensitive, yet volcanic in its intensity. Thoughtful and piercing-to-the-heart, the lyrical words in this poem play the soulful background music in the unfolding drama of Harvey's Lake.

Written in the uncensored hand of a girl "who has been 15 for so long," the tender verse reveals a very old soul trapped in the confines of youth. She would have to wait years to make any sense of it all.