Charles Z Doilain: "A Summer and The Fall"
(A Novel)

Nothing like a heartbreak to usher David back to life and into the dating scene again. After his three-year relationship with Carlo ended, David meets Robert and the attraction is palpable. But is Robert just a rebound, especially since Carlo cannot seem to let him go?

After brushing off Carlo's desire to get back together, David has got his eyes on Robert until he meets Kathlyn, Robert's best friend, and Robert suddenly disappears from his life. His two friends, Alcid and Jeff, console David to go out and play the field. He does and meets Andrew, who he falls in lust at first sight.

And then he meets Matt. He dates both of them at the same time. He likes them both in varying degrees of attraction, but who will he choose? Andrew who he first falls for? Or Matt who has decided to pursue him the first time they met?

In the game of love, will you choose the one you love or the one who loves you more?

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