Manueal Mata: "Diario de un infortunio. Relato del cuidador en un caso de ictus cerebral"
(A novel)

"Diary of a misfortune" (in Spanish) is a history of caregiver to a homosexual patient in a case of cerebral stroke, written in the form of a diary through which the protagonist, the caregiver, explains in first person some unfortunate events that will be coming up at a few months.

It relates the experiences of a young boy who suddenly becomes the primary caregiver for his partner, Dani, when this one suffered a brain stroke that leads him to coma.

Although the partner is just waking up from the coma following the stroke, the road to recovery the caregiver must face many complications, some from disease, and other from life itself, such as financial problems, family and personal relationships, and so on.

"Diary of a misfortune" tells a story with complete realism and simplicity, and beyond argument linked to the disease, says a true story of gay love, above social conventions and misunderstanding, sometimes even the closest .

Although the focus of the story is set in sickness and love, it also addresses other issues: intrigue, secrets, fears, deceit, selfishness, betrayal, disappointment, hope, courage and overcoming.

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