L. Thomas Cook: "In Your Eyes: Santini & Jamison" 
Vol. 1 
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In Your Eyes
 is a romance/suspense thriller. Detectives Sonny Santini and Jay Jamison work undercover in some of the most dangerous areas of Oakland City, Florida during the 1980s. It's a time and a place when having a secret like they do and keeping that secret is crucial.

Jay has loved Sonny for years but never shared that with him until one day he couldn't hide it any longer. For six months after that, both men lived a private life filled with love until a near fatal accident threatened to ruin it all. Now Jay must once again decide whether to keep the secret or risk everything by revealing it. In Your Eyes is just the beginning of the challenges, heartache, joy, and conflict Sonny and Jay face as they learn more about who they are and what matters most.

Provocative and edgy, it is never black or white as many elements, dangerous men, and deadly situations test Sonny and Jay's commitment to one another. 
ISBN: 9780615835815 Amazon
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