REVIEW: Robert DeMarco: "Live Gay or Die Lying"

Robert DeMarco: Live Gay(Coming Out - Short Stories)

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“Sorry Jason Collins, but being closeted and then coming out after a career of deception is not as honorable as one who faces the world, head on, from the very beginning.”
- Robert DeMarco

Author Robert DeMarco takes you on a journey through his own past and present life as a black, gay man in a twisted society. Live Gay or Die Lying offers a series of short stories (episodes) based on true, life events.  In the first episode of Live Gay or Die Lying, Robert DeMarco shares his own “coming out” story in an effort to educate mothers and fathers, encourage sons and daughters, and alleviate the negative, stereotypical depiction and stigma of the life of gay men.

Inspiration for Live Gay or Die Lying came after seeing an outpour of publicity and celebratory upheaval following the coming-out of professional athlete, Jason Collins.  Robert DeMarco was compelled to show the world a different side of the fence.  The author feels that before the world pulls out the” hero” crown and gears up to roll out the red carpet for Tyler Perry’s much anticipated day of epiphany,  someone needs to celebrate that not all gay men endured extreme trials or resistance to come out and not all gay men lie. “The media wants to celebrate all these new “come outers” without realizing the fact that there are millions of people who had the courage to “come out” long before it was the popular thing to do,” says Robert DeMarco.  In knowing that there are other stories of men who had courage from the beginning, he feels the world should be celebrating and inviting THESE very people on Oprah’s couch because these are people who actually go out and face adversity each and every day, not after living a lie for 40 years.

About the Author

Robert DeMarco is the author of the epic memoir LIVE GAY OR DIE LYING and star of the hit show ANGEL BLISS, the #1 Gay Soap Opera.

After many years in the private sector as "the professional", Robert D. Thomas decided to move toward true self-fulfillment, thereby leaving behind the security of a 9 to 5, day to day J.O.B. in order to pursue his many aspirations. Robert DeMarco has positioned himself to build a brand reflective of vision, creativity, and success in an effort to inspire men and women alike.reflective of style, vision, creativity and success in an effort to inspire women and men alike. 

Robert's most notable performances include appearances in theatre in SHADY: The Stage Play and Church Girl which, has gained national/international attention. His most recent film appearance was in the critically acclaimed 'Sparkle' along side Jordan Sparks and the late Whitney Houston.