Timothy Owen:

Two Poems

My Choice

They like to tell me it's a choice
to be marginalized, judged and condemned
to be different, not to belong
to be outcast and ridiculed

They like to tell me it's not possible
to be a freak but believe in God
ironic that he made me,
so I know I am not a freak
I am just another variation in His Awesome Scheme

They like to tell me I can change
not because they give a damn for my soul
but because of how it resounds in themselves
it's not even about me, you see,
but about them

They like to quote lines from famous books
But they never seem to quote this one:
"Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes"
but it’s so much easier to stay inside your comfort zone

They like to tell me so many things
so here are the choices I have made:
I choose to be white
I choose to be male
I choose to be blond
I choose to be true
I choose to be Gay



I’m Waiting

When the eyelid of darkness flutters over the earth
I wonder how He takes his toll?
Does he start taking note of which Jew ate some pork?
Or maybe who had sex with a condom?

Perhaps it's the ones who used words that are rude
or those who reveled in the sunset instead of going to church
let's not forget that the doctrine is king
The Man is now nothing but folklore

Perhaps it’s the man who makes love to a man,
or the wife who refuses her husband's needs
The bibles quite clear on all of these things
lets worship the doctrine and for-go love!

A lot of His time, this tallying must take
but thank God for his hardworking soldiers
if not for the self righteous followers of His
I might never have been smited and judged

I am a man who makes love to a man
instead of having sex with a woman
would you prefer I make use of her body
to conform with your concept of Love?

I am a man who sees God in the sunset
not in the indoctrinated walls of a man-made church
I am a man who loves his children unconditionally
and does not judge the actions of his neighbors
because until you have experienced life as they do
your superiority makes you inferior in His Book

I am a man who lives the truth, a man who does as he says
I am a man who believes that life is a gift
and to squander it in narrow-minded bigotry is the biggest sin of all
I am a man who chooses Love over Doctrine
and knows that He will approve

Let ye who is free from sin, cast the first stone.

I'm waiting

I am what He made me and thereby worthy of His love

When you are ready to worship, wipe the dirt from your face
look into the mirror, and worship, for I am in you, and all around you.

ALL of you.